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Workplace Travel Plan Case Studies

The following interstate and international case studies cover Workplace Travel Plans as well as travel planning guides and behaviour change initiatives. Together they demonstrate how to overcome barriers to walking, cycling and sustainable travel for both public and private organisations.


New Zealand

UK & Europe

Australasian Academic References


Workplace Travel Plans Work - Evidence

The following resources provide reviews of various workplace travel planning initiatives. These reviews highlight lessons learned in trying to make Travel Plans work. They also compare and evaluate the impacts and outcomes of different travel planning approaches and interventions.


Costs and Benefits of Workplace Travel Plans - Evaluations

The following resources provide guidance on how to appraise travel planning schemes and initiatives. They provide consistent approaches to summarise and evaluate the potential costs and benefits of proposed schemes.

  • Guidance on the Appraisal of Walking and Cycling Schemes, TAG Unit 3.14.1, January 2010, UK Department for Transport, Transport Analysis Guidance (TAG)
  • Individual Behaviour Change: Evidence in transport and public health, University of West of England & Centre for Transport and Society, 2009
  • Evaluation of Non-Pricing Travel Demand Management Measures: Progress Report on Current Practice and Checklist, Austroads, 2006


Using the Planning Process to Deliver Workplace Travel Plans

The following guidance for land-use development demonstrates how to deliver successful travel planning outcomes through the NSW, Victorian and UK land-use planning systems.


Setting up Travel Plan Networks

The following resources provide practical guidance on how to set up a Local Travel Plan Group/ Network - a group of organisations that have come together to share resources and ideas for developing and implementing a Travel Plan in their local area - and a Transport Management Association.


Preparing a Workplace Travel Plan

This section provides a range of tools necessary to "unlock" a number of the "keys to success" in preparing a Workplace Travel Plan. The tools include methodologies to calculate a financial case for a Travel Plan, undertake a workplace site audit and monitor travel behaviour change on a regular basis.

A Business Case

Site Audit Tools



Workplace Travel Plan Initiatives

The following resources provide ideas, success stories and practical guides, rather than comprehensive case studies, on how to introduce and implement sustainable travel alternatives in the workplace.

Reducing the Need to Travel

Transport Access Guides

Walking and Cycling Resources


Data Sources

The following sources provide access to detailed household and journey to work travel data as well as trip/ route planning information for both the Sydney Metropolitan area and country NSW.

Staff Travel Survey

  • Nabers Commuter Transport Rating Tool - The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) is a government initiative to measure and compare the environmental performance of holdings, such as offices, hotels and shopping centres against compatible market structures. The NABERS Commuter Transport tool rates performance of the transport choices of staff on a scale of 1 to 5 stars via the implementation of a staff travel survey and allows companies to track and measure their success in achieving their Workplace Travel Plan goals. For more information please contact
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