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Active Travel: Optus relocation

Optus Case Study


The Optus Sustainable Transport Strategy (the Transport Strategy) is designed to increase the travel choices for employees to commute to Optus Centre Sydney (OCS) in Macquarie Park, with an emphasis on improving access by sustainable modes of transport. It is an example of integrated transport planning, and can be considered as a Workplace Travel Plan.

Monitoring data shows that the Transport Strategy is continuing to result in a high proportion of commute trips by active transport modes, particularly relative to journey to work patterns of other people working in Macquarie Park: approximately 45% of Optus employees commute by public transport, walking or cycling compared to 10% of all other employees in the local area (based on 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics data).

The reasons for this continued success can be attributed to the substantial Transport Strategy interventions, including new employee bus services, financial support for public transport costs, a charging mechanism to allocate parking according to need, priority to ride sharers (car pooling) and on-site infrastructure for cycling and walking; all supported by extensive engagement with employees.

Strategy development commenced in 2005 and implementation of measures began in mid 2006. The Transport Strategy now forms an integral part of OCS operations.

Please contact the Optus Sustainable Transport Manager for information on the latest Transport Strategy initiatives, transport mode share results and detailed information on any aspects of the case study.

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