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Cities, towns, neighbourhoods: Glenmore Ridge





Glenmore Ridge is a new residential development situated in the Penrith City Council area in Western Sydney, approximately 45 kilometres from Sydney CBD.

Upon completion, Glenmore Ridge will comprise approximately 600 new home sites as well as two parks, playing fields, connected walkways and cycleways, a retail town centre and a primary school.

The project's developer designed Glenmore Ridge as a 'demonstration project' with a specific focus on community development and health and wellbeing. A number of initiatives were co-ordinated with Council, local agencies, community groups, corporate partners and consultants to deliver on these objectives, including both physical and social infrastructure and community engagement. The project demonstrates various features that promote active living that will contribute to achieving the five PCAL active living 'WALQS' principles (as described in the PCAL Development and Active Living resource and the PCAL Developer's Checklist).

The WALQS active living principles are:

Walkability and connectivity

Active travel alternatives


Quality public domain; and

Social interaction and inclusion.

The project application of these principles includes a legible street layout with footpaths and cycling infrastructure throughout, high quality and engaging streetscapes and public domain areas, and a range of accessible open spaces, including a linear park along the creek line that incorporates outdoor fitness equipment.



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