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Welcome to the Premier's Council for Active Living




Introducing Active Living NSW

In late 2016 the decision was made to discontinue PCAL.  You can view the official communique here.

The NSW Ministry of Health has now entered into a new contract with the National Heart Foundation - NSW Division to deliver a revised program of work to support active living and healthy built environments across NSW.  The new entity created to deliver this work is called  Active Living NSW. 

A new website for Active Living NSW is now live and you can also follow us on Facebook.




We are working to ensure that current and relevant PCAL resources are maintained and the PCAL website is appropriately archived.  In the mean time, you can access PCAL resources as normal until the end of 2017 however this website will not be updated.

We are also putting together a document to record and celebrate the many achievements of PCAL over its 12 years.  We are hoping for its release and distribution soon.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

The Active Living NSW Team.


Why is Active Living important?

Currently just over half of the NSW population meets the recommended level of at least 30 minutes of physical activity on most days of the week. There is considerable opportunity for all of us to be more active, more often.

The good news is that active living need not be difficult or expensive - it's as simple as taking steps to integrate physical activity into our daily routines - whether at work, at home, in our leisure time and by the choices we make around transport.

Why Active Living Statement

There is a rapidly growing body of evidence, which demonstrates that being active in everyday life not only has substantial positive impacts on our health, but also has potential environmental, social and economic benefits. To assist and support leaders in the public, private and community sectors to make decisions that will facilitate and encourage active living, PCAL has summarised in this Active Living Statement the key evidence demonstrating the benefits of active living and the individual and social costs of a sedentary lifestyle.

Key PCAL Achievements

A summary of the activities and key achievements led by PCAL 2008-2012.


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